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Our mission is to strengthen cyber security of connected devices and data by providing a more secure and affordable platform

EYL’s quantum random number generator can be applied to cryptography directly and we are continuously innovating to find the best application for its use, including a unique patented authentication system. EYL’s high quality random numbers also provide a platform that can be applied to broad range of solutions for diverse purposes. We are developing solutions at the speed of light because we collaborate with our partners. Below is a list of products and solutions in our pipeline.

Hacking free file encryption system “TRIGEN”

  • Quantum encryption provides superior protection against data breach using better encryption enabled by QRNG
  • Device is accessible only after activated by user’s smart phone and can be locked remotely
  • All commands and data movement are monitored by the central server

QRNG Secured cloud OTP authentication system

  • Quantum random number secured OTP (One Time Password) system
  • OTP is exchanged between the user’s smartphone and server
  • Device free OTP: no need to carry or charge OTP device

Multipoint Cross Certification system “CroXion”

  • Quantum random number secured authentication system between devices
  • Additional real-time authentication to existing password based authentication system
  • Easily applied to IoT device authentication, Fintech, and other application areas

QRNG Secured Block Chain System

  • Integrated with partner company’s block chain system
  • Random numbers needed by block chain algorithm are supplied by quantum random number generator
  • Simultaneously applied with “CroXion” (multipoint cross certification system) for more powerful authentication enabling both log-in authentication and transaction authentication

QRNG Secured Anti-Forgery system

  • Quantum random number secured NFC technology
  • Apply OTP to NFC tagging : each certification request sent from smartphone will change the key certifying the uniqueness of each product
  • Certification data accumulated can be used as big data for marketing insight

Portable Voice Encryption Device

  • Integrated with user’s smartphone, a size of business card
  • All audio signals are encrypted before it goes through the carrier’s network
  • Can block network eavesdropping, malicious code, and other information breach by hacking
  • Double encryption (S/W & H/W encryption)
  • EYL’s Micro-QRNG & Security module embedded