Quantum Entropy

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Developed by EYL, quantum random number generator is a unique and innovative technology that provides the ultimate randomness that can improve information security

People use random numbers every day though they do not always realize it. When they log into websites, send emails, and use credit card number for online shopping, their messages are encrypted by random numbers. Random numbers are a key component of many areas of security, including encryption, authentication, signing, key wrapping, etc. It makes internet communication and digital data safe from hackers.
Currently, most encryption systems use random numbers generated by software algorithm (pseudo random number generator) as keys for their convenience and speed but they are increasingly vulnerable to hacking. Hackers can steal or guess encryption keys, made easier by weak entropy produced by poor random number generator.
EYL's core technology, entropy chip, enables us to harvest ultimate randomness (entropy) from nature using radioactive are isotope decay. Because our source of randomness comes from the quantum phenomenon, it is always truly random, certified by the law of quantum physics.
Applying our core technology, EYL developed a series of quantum random number generators ranging from a small chip, USB to PCI type products with different speed and size. For size, our World's first entropy chip quantum pulse generator, has the dimension of 5mm x 5mm. For speed, our PCI style quantum random number generator can produce random numbers at 40 Gbps.
Quantum random number generator is the wave of the future!
EYL offers the World's
"Smallest, Cheapest, Fastest & Most Energy-efficient"
Quantum Random Number Generators (QRNG) & Applications