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You can use USB flash drive again!

USB flash drives are widely used for their convenience. However, many incidences of data breach prompted corporations to prohibit them. As a result, USB flash drives have disappeared in many large corporations and government agencies. TriGen provides the optimum security solution to bring back USB flash devices into your workplace with confidence.

Quantum encryption

Provides superior protection against data breach using better encryption enabled by quantum random number generator

Around-the-clock security

Device is accessible only after activated by user's smart phone and can be locked remotely

Real-time monitoring

All commands (copy, delete, modify) and logistics of enterprise information assets are monitored by security server.

Flexible central management

Corporate specific data security policy can be implemented and managed through cloud or a dedicated server.

How Does It Work?

TriGen is a 64GByte USB flash drive with superior security provided by quantum random number generator (QRNG). When TriGen is installed into the user's laptop, it generates and delivers quantum random numbers to the registered user's smart phone for authentication. After authentication, memory in TriGen will be activated and can be accessed. All user activities such as copy, delete, modify, and so on will be monitored by the server. If TriGen is lost, or a user violates security policy, it can be locked remotely from user's smart phone or central management to prevent data breach.